[PDF] Mr Masters by T L Swan

shadab alam

Mr Masters by  T L Swan Review/Summary

Writer: T L Swan
Publication Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN-10 1720741891
Language: English
Genre: Fiction
Best Sellers Rank: #887,989 in Books
Custoer review 4.5/5
Publish Date: 26 May 2018

The Book describes the protagonist's experience working as a nanny for her boss, Julian Masters, who is powerful, older, and alluring. The protagonist had lied on her resume to get the job, thinking she was going to work for a woman, but instead found herself working for a man who she found irresistible.

The first day on the job was challenging, with difficult children and the protagonist catching Julian doing something intriguing through a window. On the second day, Julian catches her snooping in his bathroom cabinet while wearing skimpy pajamas, causing a tense confrontation. On the third day, the protagonist accidentally runs over Julian in a golf cart, adding to the chaos.

Despite these mishaps, the protagonist finds herself increasingly drawn to Julian and his charm. She desires to be close to him, even fantasizing about him melting chocolate on her. However, she believes that someone as intelligent and successful as Julian would never fall for a "ditzy" nanny like herself.

The passage sets up a romantic tension between the protagonist and her boss, with the added complications of their respective roles and the protagonist's lies on her resume. It suggests that the protagonist is deeply attracted to Julian, despite their differences, and sets up a potential storyline of their romance developing despite the odds against them.


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