[PDF] Mile High by Liz Tomforde

shadab alam
Mile High by Liz Tomforde Review/Summary

Writer: Liz Tomforde
Publication Golden Boy Publishing LLC
ISBN-13 979-8765069080
Language: English
Genre: Romance
Best Sellers Rank: #114 in Kindle Store
Customer review 4.6/5
Publish Date: 7 June 2022

Without me, everyone's favourite player to despise, Chicago hockey wouldn't be complete. I am adept at my role and am aware of it. I actually really love spending the most of the game in the penalty box before leaving the venue each night with a different girl on my arm.

The new flight attendant on the team's private plane is what I don't like. She does not work for me; rather, I do the work. But I'll make sure to remind her of that, and I'll bet she'll beg to resign her job by the end of the season.


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