[PDF] Midnight Kisses by Jeanine Bennedict

shadab alam
Midnight Kisses by Jeanine Bennedict Review/Summary

Writer: Jeanine Bennedict
Publication Independently Published
ISBN-13 979-8693482456
Language: English
Genre: Romance
Best Sellers Rank: --
Customer review 4.7/5
Publish Date: 26 September 2020

The book is describing a fictional story of two individuals, Greta and Otis, who initially meet at a football party where Greta is seeking solitude in the backyard. They end up engaging in a one-night stand, which eventually leads to a recurring physical relationship between them. However, they face challenges in their emotional connection as Greta struggles to confront and express her emotions.

The passage's opening sentence is a statement that seemingly connects three seemingly unrelated things: a cat, a one-night stand, and a game of Catan, to love. However, this statement is not explicitly explained in the passage, so it can be interpreted in different ways. One possible interpretation is that love can manifest in unexpected ways and forms, just as a cat, a one-night stand, and a game of Catan are seemingly unrelated things that can all be associated with love.

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