[PDF] Loud World, Quiet Thoughts by David Jones

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Loud World, Quiet Thoughts

Loud World, Quiet Thoughts by David Jones in pdf

Writer: David Jones
Size: 0.46 MB
Pages: 183
Language: English
Genre: Poetry
Price: Free
Publish Date: 10 October 2019

'Love, Heartbreak, and Life' is a book on love, heartbreak, and life—and how to survive all three amid the noise of our contemporary world—from the author of the best-selling poetry collection Love And Space Dust and the author of the internationally renowned poetry account @storydj. There are two sections to Loud World, Quiet Thoughts. The first section is composed of brief essays, proverbs, and quotations that discuss the pressure, social media, and other modern-day noises that can be deafening. It personifies the never-ending uneasiness caused by conflicting voices and background noise that is so loud that it obscures our own ideas. The second is a collection of exquisite poetry that was inspired by our deepest, most private feelings—thoughts on love, heartbreak, and—most importantly—hope.


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