[PDF] Law Maker 7.5 by V. Theia

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 Law Maker 7.5 by V. Theia in pdf

A Renegade Souls MC novella**Who keeps a secret better than a psycho can?He wasn't always Lawless.He wasn't born the enforcer of the Renegade Souls MC.He didn't emerge from the ground being the tamer of cats.But was he always a psycho?Oh, yeah, Lawless was that and more.Think you know him? Try again.EVERY DARK SOUL STARTS FROM SOMEWHERE.It's born.It's made.It's forged in thick skin and a smart brain.It's survival of the fittest.Lawless was good at death ... go figure.But caring? Not so much.His internal wiring doesn't fire in the normal directions.His decisions and careful plans are never spontaneous ... or erratic.

That's for the hanging meat and the subservient fish.His reasons are his own. Maybe he'll share. Maybe he won't.Think you can get inside the head of the outlaw genius? Think again.Can he love? Does he care?Learn his secrets to know the man.But he only ever reveals what he wants to.READY TO BE INSIDE THE MIND OF A CERTIFIED PSYCHO?Then hold on tight, let's go, fish.Forewarned: This is a vignette look at the events which has shaped the man we know as Lawless to present day.

Questions are answered. Secrets are learned. Of course, it's not his main book, we still have much more to come for his bad fish who are age appropriate because, yeah ... it is Lawless, he does bad things.

Writer: V.Theia
Size: 0.5 MB
Language: English
Genre: Romance
Format: Pdf
Price: Free


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