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Just My Type by Falon Ballard in pdf

"Just My Type" by Falon Ballard is a delightful contemporary romance novel that tugs at the heartstrings while delivering a charming and relatable love story. The novel introduces readers to the endearing characters of Alex and Mia, whose paths cross in a serendipitous encounter.

Ballard's writing is engaging and sprinkled with humor, making the characters instantly likable. Mia, a talented graphic designer, and Alex, a charismatic, if somewhat stubborn, entrepreneur, find themselves on opposite sides of a project that requires collaboration. Their initial clashes and witty banter gradually evolve into a genuine connection that is both heartwarming and believable.

What sets "Just My Type" apart is its realistic portrayal of modern relationships, complete with their ups and downs, miscommunications, and personal growth. The story delves into themes of self-discovery, forgiveness, and the power of taking risks in matters of the heart.

Readers will be captivated by the chemistry between Alex and Mia, rooting for their love to overcome the obstacles in their way. Falon Ballard has crafted a touching romance novel that reminds us that love often finds us when we least expect it, making "Just My Type" a must-read for fans of contemporary romance fiction.

Writer: Falon Ballard
Size: 5 MB
Language: English
Genre: Romance
Format: Pdf
Price: Free


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