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Instant Karma by Marissa Meyer in pdf

"Instant Karma" by Marissa Meyer is a delightful young adult contemporary novel that combines romance, personal growth, and a touch of magical realism to create an engaging and heartwarming story. The novel follows Prudence Barnett, a high-achieving overachiever who suddenly gains the ability to enact instant karma on people she believes deserve it.

Marissa Meyer's writing is witty and engaging, making it easy for readers to connect with Prudence and her journey of self-discovery. The characters are well-developed, and the chemistry between Prudence and her lab partner, Quint Erickson, is both charming and believable.

The novel explores important themes such as the consequences of our actions, the value of empathy, and the idea that people can change. As Prudence grapples with the power she wields and the ethical dilemmas it presents, readers are taken on a journey of growth and self-realization.

"Instant Karma" is a feel-good novel that balances its whimsical premise with meaningful lessons. Marissa Meyer's storytelling prowess shines, making this book a must-read for fans of contemporary romance with a hint of magic. It's a heartwarming tale that leaves readers with a smile on their faces and a reminder of the power of kindness.

Writer: Marissa Meyer
Size: 2 MB
Language: English
Genre: Fiction
Format: Pdf
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