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Ruskin Bond All Books In Pdf

Ruskin Bond All Books

Ruskin Bond All Books pdf
Writer: Ruskin Bond

Publisher Pegasus Books

Language: English

Genre: fiction,
short stories,
children's Books

Format PDF

Year: --

Ruskin Bond was born on May 19, 1934, in Kasauli, Punjab States Agency, British India, to Edith Clarke and Aubrey Alexander Bond. Ruskin and his sister Ellen stayed there till Ruskin was six years old while his father taught English to the princesses of Jamnagar Palace. Ruskin, his mother, and sister moved to live at his maternal house in Dehradun after his father later enlisted in the Royal Air Force in 1939. He was soon transferred to a boarding school in Mussoorie. Ruskin's mother divorced his father when he was eight years old and wed Hari, a Punjabi Hindu. Ruskin was brought to New Delhi, where his father had made arrangements for him to be stationed.He was very close to his father and considers this time spent with him to be among his most joyful memories. His father passed away when he was ten years old, during the war, while he was stationed in Calcutta. Ruskin was at his boarding school in Shimla when his teacher told him about the incident. He was utterly brokenhearted. He was thereafter brought up in Dehradun by his mother and stepfather.


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