[PDF] The Dare by Elle Kennedy

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The Dare by Elle Kennedy Review/Summary
Writer: Elle Kennedy
Publication Elle Kennedy Inc.
ISBN-10 1777112133
Language: English
Genre: Romance
Best Sellers Rank: #144,111 in Books
Custoer review 4.4/5
Publish Date: 24 June 2019/td>

The author describes her college experience as an opportunity to break free from her insecurities and establish herself in the world. However, her time at college is spent with a group of girls from her sorority, who are mean to her. In an effort to fit in and prove herself, she accepts a challenge from her Kappa Chi sisters to seduce Conor Edwards, a popular and attractive hockey player who is known for being with many girls from Greek Row. Despite her initial fears of rejection, Conor surprisingly agrees to help her out and pretend to be her hookup.

As they continue with their charade, the author discovers that Conor is not like the typical guys she has encountered before. They start to develop a friendship, and she realizes there is more to him than just his good looks and reputation. The more time they spend together, the more she finds herself falling for him, but she also knows that the truth of their relationship could lead to disastrous consequences.

The author is torn between her desire to fit in and her growing feelings for Conor. She is also unsure of Conor's true intentions and what he really feels for her. The author becomes entangled in a web of deceit and risks being exposed by her sorority sisters. As she navigates through the difficulties of college life, she discovers that the importance of staying true to herself and finding genuine relationships that bring her happiness is more important than fitting into a mold that others expect of her.

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