[PDF] Court Kept by Eden ONeill

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Court Kept by Eden ONeill in pdf

Ramses' plan is dark. It may be dark, but I'm not only here for it, I'm so ready. It's time to restore justice to this city. It's time to open some damn doors and be a voice for someone who doesn't have those doors yet. My sister Paige couldn't tell her story. What happened to him was covered up and I will prove it. My only obstacle is Royal Prinze, who has been tormenting me since I arrived in this seriously chaotic town. It made me understand that things are not what they seem. He urges me to see his truth but I will not be held back.

You've kept me for too long. Warning: This friends-meets-lovers high school romance has dark themes and mild bullying. This book is not a stand-alone book and is the third volume in a series of four full-length novels. Royal Prinze is the only hero in this story...good luck getting him to share it.

Writer: Eden ONeill
Size: 0.7 MB
Language: English
Genre: Romance
Format: Pdf
Price: Free

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