[PDF] Boots Belts Berets by Tanushree Podder

shadab alam
Book Review: Boots Belts Berets by Tanushree Podder in pdf

Writer: Tanushree Podder
Size: 1 MB
Language: English
Genre: Fiction
Format: Pdf
Price: Free

Boots, Belts, Berets" by Tanushree Podder is a captivating young adult novel that revolves around three diverse teenagers thrust together at a National Cadet Corps (NCC) camp. Podder skillfully portrays their individual growth and friendship development, offering readers a heartfelt journey of self-discovery. The story shines a light on the NCC experience, offering valuable insights into the world of discipline, camaraderie, and service. With clear and accessible writing, the book explores universal themes of identity, teamwork, and inclusivity. "Boots, Belts, Berets" is a compelling coming-of-age tale that encourages readers to transcend stereotypes and embrace unity. A well-crafted, engaging narrative suitable for a broad audience. Rating: ★★★★☆


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