[PDF] Black Ties and White Lies by Singleton, Kat

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Black Ties and White Lies by Kat Singleton Review/Summary

Writer: Kat Singleton
Publication ---
ISBN-13 978-1958292068
Language: English
Genre: Fiction
Best Sellers Rank: #4,415 in Books
Customer review 4.2/5
Publish Date: 27 December 2022

A complex and intriguing love story that is full of twists and turns. The protagonist, a struggling graphic designer in Los Angeles, is unexpectedly thrown into a world of wealth and luxury when she is asked to be the fake fiancée and personal assistant of Beckham Sinclair, a billionaire bachelor in New York City.

At first, the protagonist is hesitant to accept the offer, especially given her history with the Sinclair family - her heart was previously broken by one of Beckham's younger brothers. However, as she spends more time with Beckham, she finds herself drawn to him, despite his reputation as a playboy.

The passage hints at the possibility of a complicated and messy relationship between the protagonist and Beckham. Although the two are only supposed to be pretending to be engaged, their interactions become increasingly intimate and passionate, blurring the lines between reality and pretense.

At the same time, the protagonist is constantly questioning Beckham's motives and wondering whether he truly cares for her or is just using her to protect his company's image. The novel promises to be full of intrigue and secrets, as the protagonist navigates her way through a world of black ties and white lies.

Overall, the passage suggests that the novel will be a gripping and suspenseful tale of love, deception, and passion, set against the backdrop of a glamorous and exclusive world.


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