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The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins Review/Summary

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The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins Review/Summary

Writer: Wilkie Collins
Publication Harper Press
ISBN-10 0007902212
Language: English
Genre: Fiction
Best Sellers Rank: #47,930 in Books
Customer review 4.3/5
Publish Date: 1 October 2011

when Walter Hartright's attention is drawn to a mysterious woman dressed entirely in white, who appears suddenly in front of him as if she had just sprung out of the ground. The language used in the passage creates a sense of shock and surprise, with the phrase "every drop of blood in my body was brought to a stop" indicating the intensity of Walter's reaction to the woman's sudden appearance.

The use of the color white in the woman's dress creates a sense of purity and innocence, which is contrasted with the eerie and unsettling circumstances of her appearance. The fact that she is alone and standing in the middle of a deserted road at night also adds to the sense of mystery and intrigue.

This passage is a prime example of the style and themes of Victorian "sensation" fiction, which aimed to captivate readers with shocking and thrilling plot twists, as well as explore the darker aspects of human psychology and behavior. The Woman in White is one of the most famous examples of this genre, and its influence can be seen in later works of literature and film, particularly in the suspense and mystery genres.


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