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The Curfew by T.M. Logan Review/Summary

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The Curfew by T.M. Logan Review/Summary

Writer: T.M. Logan
Publication Bonnier Zaffre
ISBN-13 978-1838776749
Language: English
Genre: Fiction
Best Sellers Rank: #- in Books
Customer review 4.3/5
Publish Date: 17 March 2022

Starting with a small white lie means telling a falsehood that seems harmless or insignificant at first, but can lead to bigger lies and consequences down the line. The scenario presented in the statement is a parent lying to cover up for their child's behavior, which they believe is minor and not worth confessing to.

The parent may be motivated by a desire to protect their child from punishment or shame, or to avoid conflict or embarrassment themselves. However, by reinforcing the child's lie, the parent is condoning dishonesty and potentially setting a precedent for future deceitful behavior.

This small white lie can snowball into bigger lies and lead to a loss of trust and respect in relationships. It's important to consider the consequences of lying and to model honesty and integrity for our children and those around us.


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