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Perfiles criminales de Vicente Garrido (Spanish) Review/Summary

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Perfiles criminales de Vicente Garrido (Spanish) Review/Summary

Writer: Vicente Garrido
Publication Planeta Pub Corp
ISBN-13 978-6077470014
Language: English
Genre: ---
Best Sellers Rank: ---
Customer review 4.5/5
Publish Date: 8 September 2015

A book that explores the criminal profile of Anders Breivik, the murderer who confessed to the massacre on the island of Utoya, and delves into the techniques of criminological profiling used to investigate and capture criminals.

The book offers a complete experience that takes the reader on a journey through the valley of the shadow of the human condition, while following the efforts of forensic criminologists and police officers in their pursuit of justice. The book aims to prevent individuals like Breivik from prospering and threatening our existence, reaffirming the commitment of criminologists to this cause.

The book presents an overview of the different criminal profiles that exist, and how criminological profiling is a tool used in forensic criminology to facilitate the investigation of crimes and capture of the guilty. It avoids technical terms and jargon, making it accessible to both professionals and the general public interested in the topic.

The book provides students and professionals of criminology with concepts, theories, and analysis of cases that can enhance their knowledge and understanding of the field. It also enables the general public to gain insights into the passionate and captivating field of forensic criminology, which involves developing profiles of unknown murderers, understanding criminal behavior, and the mentality of different types of offenders. Overall, the book provides a valuable resource for anyone interested in criminology and forensic science.

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