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Damaged Like Us by Ritchie Krista, Ritchie Becca Review/Summary

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Damaged Like Us by Ritchie Krista, Ritchie Becca Review/Summary

Writer: Ritchie Krista, Ritchie Becca
Publication Diversion Books
ISBN-13 978-1682305294
Language: English
Genre: Fiction
Best Sellers Rank: #- in Books
Customer review 4.4/5
Publish Date: 3 August 2017

The passage is likely a summary of a fictional romance novel, where the main character Maximoff Hale is a wealthy and famous alpha billionaire who is used to living a highly unconventional life in the public eye. Due to his high-profile status, he requires 24/7 bodyguard protection, and when a new bodyguard, Farrow Keene, is assigned to him, Maximoff finds himself drawn to him romantically.

Farrow, however, is committed to his job of protecting Maximoff and knows that any romantic involvement between them would be strictly prohibited and could result in him losing his job. Despite this, Maximoff and Farrow find themselves increasingly drawn to each other, and their feelings blur the boundaries between professional and personal relationships.

The passage suggests that their attraction is both physical and emotional, as Maximoff sees Farrow as fulfilling some of his sexual fantasies, while Farrow is committed to protecting Maximoff at all costs, even if it means denying his own desires.

Overall, the passage sets up a tension between the characters' personal and professional lives and suggests that their relationship could have serious consequences for both of them. The rule against dating a bodyguard is one that Farrow must break to explore his feelings for Maximoff, but doing so puts both of their careers and safety at risk.


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