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Behind Closed Doors by B A Paris Review/Summary

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Behind Closed Doors by B A Paris Review/Summary

Writer: B A Paris
Publication HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN-13 978-1848454125
Language: English
Genre: Fiction
Best Sellers Rank: #15,022 in Books
Customer review 4.0/5
Publish Date: 11 February 2016

The book describes a couple named Jack and Grace, who appear to have the perfect marriage on the surface. Jack is wealthy and successful as an attorney, while Grace is an exceptional homemaker and caretaker for her disabled sister. Despite their apparent perfection, the text hints at some strange and concerning behaviors. Grace never answers the phone or meets for coffee, doesn't seem to take anything with her when she leaves the house, and there are high-security metal shutters on all the downstairs windows.

The author suggests that there may be more going on behind closed doors than what meets the eye. The text poses questions about the truth of their relationship and what happens once their dinner parties end and the front door closes.

The text is promoting a novel by B. A. Paris titled "Behind Closed Doors," which is a thriller that promises to reveal the dark secrets that lie behind the perfect facade of Jack and Grace's marriage.


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