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Bastards of Boulder Cove - Vicious Lies by Rachel Leigh Review/Summary

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Bastards of Boulder Cove - Vicious Lies by Rachel Leigh Review/Summary

Writer: Rachel Leigh
Publication Rachel Leigh Romance LLC
ISBN-13 978-1956764185
Language: English
Genre: Fiction
Best Sellers Rank: #250,625 in Books
Customer review 4.5/5
Publish Date: 30 September 2022

The book is likely an excerpt from a fictional story, where the narrator is a student at Boulder Cove Academy. The three statements at the beginning of the passage suggest that the academy is a place where rules are not always followed, dangerous games are played, and appearances can be deceiving. The narrator had hoped that attending the academy would allow them to confront their bullies and establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with. The narrator was successful in winning the games and securing a place at the academy, but they soon realize that their past is catching up to them. While the narrator initially feared The Lawless, it becomes clear that there is someone even more dangerous watching them. The statement "the games should be over, but it seems they've only just begun" suggests that the narrator's victory was only the beginning of a much larger and more dangerous game. Overall, the passage sets up a dark and foreboding atmosphere, where the narrator is facing threats from multiple directions, and their future at the academy is uncertain.


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