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The Temporary Wife by Mary Balogh Review/Summary

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The Temporary Wife by Mary  Balogh Review/Summary

Writer: Mary Balogh
Publication ‎ Dell
ISBN-13 9780440245452
Language: English
Genre: Romance
Best Sellers Rank: #159,735 in Books
Customer review 4.3/5
Publish Date: January 1, 1997

The book describes a story about a woman named Charity Duncan who agrees to marry Lord Anthony Earheart despite knowing that he only wants her for a specific purpose. Lord Earheart is described as an arrogant aristocrat who is rich and heartless. Charity agrees to the marriage in return for money that she and her family desperately need, and with the intention of departing from his life after fulfilling the agreement.

However, when Charity enters into the marriage, she realizes that things are not as simple as she thought. When Lord Earheart embraces her, she finds that her heart is also at risk of being broken, not just their contract. The passage suggests that the story is about how their relationship develops beyond the initial arrangement and how Charity's feelings for Lord Earheart change over time.

Overall, the passage sets up the premise of a romance novel where the main characters initially enter into a marriage of convenience, but as they spend more time together, their relationship becomes more complex and their feelings for each other deepen.


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