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The Arabian Nights Tales of 1,001 Night Vol1 by Robert Irwin Review/Summary

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The Arabian Nights Tales of 1,001 Night Vol1 by Robert IrwinReview/Summary

Writer: Robert Irwin
Publication Penguin Classics
ISBN-10 0140449388
Language: English
Genre: Fiction
Best Sellers Rank: #84,306 in Books
Customer review 4.5/5
Publish Date: --

This excerpt is taken from a description of a bride's arrival at her wedding ceremony. The author uses similes to compare the bride to the moon among stars and a matchless pearl among others on a string, highlighting her beauty and importance on this special occasion.

The excerpt is actually a brief summary of the classic collection of Middle Eastern and South Asian folk tales known as "The Arabian Nights" or "One Thousand and One Nights". The book tells the story of Shahrazad, a clever and resourceful storyteller who begins telling tales to King Shahriyar in order to prolong her life. The tales she tells are wide-ranging, featuring adventures, romance, fantasy, and magical elements, and they have become some of the most famous stories in world literature.

The book is notable for its structure of nested stories, with characters within the tales themselves telling their own stories. It also contains recurring themes of locked doors, sex, and money, reflecting the culture and society in which it was written. This edition includes a new translation, an introduction by Robert Irwin, and additional resources such as a glossary and maps.


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