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Stay off My Operating Table by Philip Ovadia Review/Summary

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Stay off My Operating Table by Philip Ovadia Review/Summary

Writer: Philip Ovadia
Publication Ovadia Heart Health LLC
ISBN-10 1737818205
Language: English
Genre: Health
Best Sellers Rank: #198,797 in Books
Customer review 4.6/5
Publish Date: 11 November 2021

This book is an introduction to a book titled "Stay off My Operating Table" written by Dr. Philip Ovadia, a heart surgeon who used to be morbidly obese. The author describes the failures of mainstream diets and medicine and emphasizes the importance of metabolic health in preventing chronic diseases. The author argues that most diet and drug industries do not want people to know about this approach as it can help people maintain their health and prevent illness without relying on medication.

The author claims that the traditional approach to weight loss, which involves restricting food choices, excessive exercise, and consuming supplements, is not effective in the long term and is more geared towards making money than improving health. The healthcare system is also criticized for offering drugs and surgery to manage symptoms rather than preventing illness through proper nutrition.

The book aims to provide a complete metabolic health system to prevent disease and optimize health. It discusses how to measure and improve metabolic health, how to eliminate the need for supplements with a nutritionally complete diet, and how to eat metabolically healthy on any diet, from carnivore to vegan. The book also emphasizes the benefits of light, everyday exercises over brutal workouts and how metabolic health holds the answer to most health, food, and fitness questions.

Overall, the book aims to empower readers to take control of their health and prevent chronic diseases through a sustainable, long-term approach to metabolic health. It highlights how what we eat determines how long and how well we live and encourages readers to focus on this aspect of health to maintain their well-being.


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