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Savage Hate A Reverse Harem Romance by Amanda Richardson Review/Summary

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Savage Hate A Reverse Harem Romance by Amanda Richardson Review/Summary

Writer: Amanda Richardson
Publication Independently Published
ISBN-13 979-8405906010
Language: English
Genre: Romance
Best Sellers Rank: --
Custoer review 4.4/5
Publish Date: 21 January 2022

The novel, "Savage Hate (Savage Hearts Book One)", is a thrilling and intense story about the complexities of relationships, revenge, and redemption. The book centers on the protagonist, the original Queen of Ravenwood Academy, who returns to Greythorn, MA after a ten-year absence. She is haunted by the memory of three boys who made her life a living hell at Ravenwood Academy - Silas Huxley, Damon Brooks, and Jude Vanderbilt.

Despite her apprehension, the protagonist finds herself face-to-face with her tormentors, who have transformed into intimidating, muscular, and tattooed men. They are now out for revenge and determined to make her pay for the bullying they endured as teenagers. The protagonist is understandably frightened by their hatred, but she is not one to back down. She is a strong and resilient woman who refuses to be intimidated by the men who once tormented her.

As the story progresses, the protagonist's relationships with Silas, Damon, and Jude become increasingly complex. They are no longer the boys she once knew and the lines between love, hate, and revenge become blurred. The novel is a thrilling enemies-to-lovers/bully reverse harem romance that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

The book contains explicit language, bullying, needles, and violence. It also includes flashbacks of abuse/grooming/trauma, which may be difficult for some readers. However, the author handles these topics with sensitivity and respect. The series will have a HEA, providing readers with a satisfying conclusion to this intense and emotional story.


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