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Beneath the Stars by Emily McIntire Review/Summary

Writer: Emily McIntire
Publication --
ISBN-13 978-1737508335
Language: English
Genre: Romance,Fiction
Best Sellers Rank: #378,471 in Books
Custoer review 4.4/5
Publish Date: September 1, 2020

At the age of eleven, I met Chase Adams, and I adored him before even understanding what love was. However, our relationship was characterized by me giving and him taking, me pulling and him pushing. I loved him deeply, but eventually, I lost him. Now, years later, Chase has returned, looking grown up and attractive, but everything has changed since he left. Despite his efforts to charm me with his smile and muscles, I am determined to keep him in my past as nothing more than a distant memory.
As for Chase, there were only two women he ever loved during his upbringing, and neither of them loved him in return. That is until he met Alina, his "Goldi," who was everything that he wasn't. Despite his love for her, he knew he was bad for her, leading him to lose her to his demons. But now he has returned as a better man, hoping to make her remember their past love, even if she wishes to forget it.