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Beneath the Surface A Hidden Identity Romance by Emily McIntire Review/Summary

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Beneath the Surface A Hidden Identity Romance  by Emily McIntire Review/Summary

Writer: Emily McIntire
Publication --
ISBN-13 1737508362
Language: English
Genre: Romance,Fiction
Best Sellers Rank: #570,447 in Books
Custoer review 4.7/5
Publish Date: July 6, 2021

We all carry scars, some more visible than others. In my case, my scars are concealed beneath my tattoos and smiles. They may not be easily seen, but they are always present, a constant reminder of the pain I've endured. The most agonizing scars are the ones that run deep within me, etched onto my soul and a constant reminder of my loss. I feel broken, ill, and disturbed, but then he enters my life and accepts me for all my imperfections. However, the past doesn't fade easily, and sometimes the shadows of our pasts linger on long after we've left them behind.

As for Mason, he too carries secrets, ones that are hidden beneath his tattoos and lies, making it difficult to uncover his true self. His most hurtful scars are internal, serving as a constant reminder of his past losses. He's an enigma, a mirage, and a deceiver, but upon meeting her, he finds acceptance for his true self. Nevertheless, the ghosts of our pasts tend to follow us, and sometimes we can't escape the ramifications of our previous actions, regardless of how much we wish to provide a bright future for someone else.

Note: The passage is an advertisement for "Beneath the Surface," a novel in the Sugarlake Series. It's a full-length, stand-alone book that can be read in any order, but reading the series in order is recommended for a better experience.

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