Your Bloodline

 Your Bloodline by K.C. Kean in pdf

Writer: K.C. Kean
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Pages: 347
Language: English
Genre: Romance
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Publish Date: 8 June 2021

Never be timid in life, Luna. Let them follow your every motherfucking move, Meu Tesouro. My father once said to me that. Featherstone believed they had broken me at The Pyramid, but it will take more than their feeble efforts to do so to genuinely destroy me. As I unearth the secrets and lies that surround me, I'll find who I can trust. So I'm standing here. I'll carve my own way with the Aceholes' support and dedication. They'll keep claiming me and tearing down my defences as they go, with the unmistakable message "fuck you to the consequences." When Red is there, it's simple to remember that there are decent individuals in this chaotic world. There are certain innocents worth standing up for.