Snakes in the Ganga Breaking India 2.0

Snakes in the Ganga Breaking India 2.0 by Rajiv Malhotra & Vijaya Viswanathan in pdf

Writer: Rajiv Malhotra & Vijaya Viswanathan
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Snakes in the Ganga reveals unsettling realities about India's weaknesses: • Marxism has been revived as Critical Race Theory in US academia and serves as the foundation to confront America's racism. • Intense battle against India's integrity is the work of a well-orchestrated global apparatus powered by a new ideology. India has been carelessly laid out as follows: Race and caste are equated. Indian Brahmins and marginalised communities are referred to as the country's Whites and Blacks, respectively. Groups with grievances are unnaturally grouped together, such as Muslims and LGBTQ+ people. The goal of the so-called Woke movement, which has been conducting an unyielding assault against India's government, educational institutions, culture, industry, and society, is to destroy Indian civilisation and history.