The Missed Connection

The Missed Connection by Denise Williams in pdf

Writer: Denise Williams
Size: 2 MB
Pages: 137
Language: English
Genre: Romance,Audio Book
Format: Pdf
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Publish Date: 3 May 2022

Gia enjoys her position as a professor, even though it sometimes requires her to deal with a shady competitor who has made it his goal to disparage her writing. She is astonished to hear they have already met when she first meets him. They had a fantastic New Year's Eve together months before while waiting through a weather delay in an airport. After months of collaboration, Felix is still unable to accept that the allureing woman he kissed that night is the same person whose study he has been questioning. They are poles apart from one another. Gia annoys Felix, who is strict and severe, with her cheerfulness, friendliness, and extroversion. The two are currently scheduled to travel to five schools for employment.