Isle of Sin

Isle of Sin by S. Firecox in pdf

Writer: S. Firecox
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Pages: 421
Language: English
Genre: Romance
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Publish Date: 14 May 2022

On Sinners Isle, there are three regulations. Submit. Obey. Consent. Adalyn Rose refused to agree. And ultimately, the person who brought her here paid the price. She is now under my care. Mine to exercise. Mine to guard. A precious little heiress with a golden heart. as well as a body made for sin. She will bow down to me out of desire. Then we'll look into her boundaries. Providing we don't get attacked by her past first. because she lives in a sinful, wealthy world that is full of dark secrets. Including one that might well put my life in danger. It turns out that my isle was intended to be a practise area. to her. By claiming her as mine, I wrecked the game.