India Moving

India Moving by Chinmay Tumbe​ in pdf

Writer: Chinmay Tumbe
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Pages: 256
Language: English
Genre: History
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Publish Date: 2018

With every migrant, a small portion of India also migrates. The first book to map out the big migrations that have made the nation and the world a more diversified place to live is called India Moving. It covers everything from adventure to indenture, martyrs to merchants, Partition to plantations, from Kashmir to Kerala, Japan to Jamaica, and beyond. The book sets out on a journey laced with evidence, argument, and wit to understand how millions of people have moved—from and to India—and offers insights into subjects like the slave trade and worker migrations, travelling business communities like the Marwaris, Gujaratis, and Chettiars, refugee crises like the Partition, and the roots of current mass migration from Bihar and Kerala.