Ground Zero

Ground Zero by Walker Aimee Nicole in pdf

Writer: Walker Aimee Nicole
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Pages: 330
Language: English
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Publish Date: 24 July 2018

Johnny Kavanagh is in excellent shape. He is a force to be reckoned with on the rugby field. He is destined for stardom and is making a beeline for the top. I mean, what could possible stand in his way? even the quiet new student at Tommen College. the person who has hidden injuries and sorrowful eyes. the person who diverts him unlike anyone else ever has. Johnny has been put on such a high pedestal that he has little space to make mistakes. He is suffering from a concealed injury and is anxious to impress the scouts who are scrutinising his every move. On the cusp of the International Summer Campaign, Johnny must keep his head in the game while attempting to preserve equilibrium.