Arrogant Boss: A Billionaire Romance Book

Arrogant Boss: A Billionaire Romance Book by J M Stoneback in pdf

Writer: J M Stoneback
Size: 1.4 MB
Pages: 259
Language: English
Genre: Romance
Format: Pdf
Price: Free
Publish Date: 9 November 2022

It is hotter than the sun at Atlas Conrad. He is seen as being wealthier than God by the world. He is renowned for wielding an iron hand to govern the fashion industry. He's like the kid of my dad's greatest friend to me. He reminds me of my haughty employer, who believes that everything revolves around him. At the touch of a button, he can have any lady he desires. He wants me, though. Just me. The woman had a scar that covered her entire face. He thinks I'm stunning. People describe me as unattractive. He refers to his feelings for me as an obsession. I describe him as insane. He keeps saying that he gets what he wants. And once he has me, he won't stop. Broken soul, broken body.