All The Lies

All The Lies by S.T. Abby in pdf

Writer: S.T. Abby
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Pages: 239
Language: English
Genre: Romance
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Publish Date: 20 August 2016

You have to enter their minds in order to comprehend the creatures that exist. It's a risky place to be, especially if you start to lose yourself in empathy and morality. But I've never experienced that. In no situation have I ever felt conflicted. Wrong is wrong and right is right. It's easy. White and black. No such thing as a grey area exists. Fuck this case, though. Even now, I'm not sure whose side I belong to. I fail to see how this community can carry on without collapsing under the weight of all the lies they have lived and said. My stomach churns, my heart beats faster, and my hatred for this place grows with each piece of truth I discover.