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Love at Frost Sight: A Holiday Novella by Torie Jean

Writer: Torie Jean
Publication Sunset and Camden Creative
ISBN-13 979-8218145545
Language: English
Genre: Romance
Best Sellers Rank: #2,850,285 in Books
Custoer review 4.2/5
Publish Date: March 1, 2023

"Love at Frost Sight: A Holiday Novella" is a romance novella written by Torie Jean and published in 2020. The novella follows the story of Kat, a successful career woman who is spending Christmas alone in her new home in a small town in Minnesota.

Kat is content with her quiet holiday plans, but her world is turned upside down when she discovers that her next-door neighbor is none other than her high school sweetheart, Jack. Jack is a former NHL player who retired from the sport after suffering a career-ending injury.

As they reconnect, Kat and Jack realize that their feelings for each other have never really gone away. They spend the holiday season together, exploring the town's winter festivities and rediscovering their love for each other.

The novella explores themes of second chances, forgiveness, and the power of love. It is a heartwarming and festive holiday read that is recommended for fans of sweet romance and Christmas stories.

Overall, "Love at Frost Sight" is a delightful holiday novella with well-developed characters and a charming small-town setting. It is a perfect read for anyone looking to get into the holiday spirit.