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The Hawthorne Legacy (The Inheritance Games #2) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes Revie/Summary

Writer: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Publication Penguin
ISBN-10 0241480728
Language: English
Genre: Mystery
Best Sellers Rank: #1,544 in Books
Customer review 4.6/5
Publish Date: 9 September 2021

"The Hawthorne Legacy" is a thrilling sequel to the bestselling novel "The Inheritance Games" by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. The story continues to follow Avery Grambs, who has just inherited a fortune from the late Tobias Hawthorne. In this novel, Avery must unravel the mystery of why Hawthorne left his fortune to her, a stranger, instead of his own family.

Despite a DNA test confirming that she is not related to the Hawthorne family by blood, Avery uncovers clues that suggest a deeper connection to the family. As she tries to solve the mystery, she finds herself caught between the two enigmatic and charming Hawthorne grandsons, Grayson and Jameson, who pull her in different directions.

But Avery soon realizes that there are threats lurking around every corner, and there are people who will stop at nothing to see her out of the picture. With billions of dollars at stake, Avery must navigate family intrigue, romance, and non-stop action as she tries to uncover the truth and keep herself safe.

"The Hawthorne Legacy" promises non-stop action, aspirational jet-setting, family intrigue, romance, and a thrilling plot that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Fans of Jennifer Lynn Barnes and those who enjoy Karen McManus and Holly Jackson's works will surely enjoy this book.