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You've Reached Sam by Dustin Thao Review/Summary

Writer: Dustin Thao
Publication Wednesday Books
ISBN-13 1250762030
Language: English
Genre: Romance
Best Sellers Rank: #170,044 in Books
Custoer review 4.4/5
Publish Date: 9 November 2021

Seventeen-year-old Julie has her life planned out, which includes moving away from her small town with her boyfriend Sam, going to college in the city, and spending a summer in Japan. But when Sam suddenly dies, her world is turned upside down. In her grief, Julie distances herself from everything that reminds her of him, including throwing out his things and skipping his funeral.

One day, while reading through her yearbook, she comes across a message Sam left for her. This triggers a flood of memories and Julie becomes desperate to hear his voice again. She decides to call his cellphone, just to listen to his voicemail, and to her amazement, Sam picks up the phone.

Julie is given a second chance to say goodbye to Sam, but she must keep their otherworldly calls a secret, especially since she witnesses the pain Sam's family is going through. Each call makes it harder for Julie to let Sam go, as she falls in love with him all over again. She is torn between revealing the truth about their connection and risking losing him forever, or keeping it a secret and watching Sam's family suffer in silence.

As Julie grapples with her grief and guilt, she is forced to confront the reality of death and the fragility of life. She learns that love and loss are two sides of the same coin and that true closure comes from within.