Poetry: The Basics by Jeffrey Wainwright

 Poetry: The Basics by Jeffrey Wainwright in pdf

Writer: Jeffrey Wainwright
Size: 1.3 MB
Pages: 238
Language: English
Genre: Poetry,Non-Fiction
Format: Pdf
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Publish Date: 9 April 2004

What is a poetry read like? Do I truly comprehend poetry? This comprehensive book explores poetic forms and traditions that may initially seem confusing in order to demystify the world of poetry. It examines how poetry interacts with the language we use in daily life and looks at how poems employ language and form to generate meaning, demonstrating how any reader can enjoy poetry more. It examines a variety of topics, covering Chaucer, children's rhymes, Carol Ann Duffy, Cole Porter, and other English-speaking authors as examples. How different voice tones effect a poem. How poetic language relates to common language. How various styles of poetry work. Technical elements like rhythm and measures.