Miss Marple and Mystery by Agatha Christie

Miss Marple and Mystery by Agatha Christie in pdf

Writer: Agatha Christie
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Pages: 619
Language: English
Genre: Short Story,Fiction
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Publish Date: 1985

In 1930, Miss Marple made her debut in a book; nearly 50 years later, shortly after Agatha Christie's passing, her twelfth and final book was released. In the following years, Miss Marple appeared in 20 other short stories that were collected in various publications. But they have never been accessible together before. In this complete volume, Miss Marple applies her special insight to figure out the truth behind a number of unsolved crimes, including those involving a girl who was set up for theft, some disappearing bloodstains, a man who was poisoned and left a cryptic message, a woman who was murdered shortly after writing her will, a spiritualist who foretells death, a stranger who was fatally wounded in a church, and a Christmas tragedy.