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Review:Viruses  a very short introduction by Dorothy H. Crawford

Writer: Dorothy H. Crawford
Publication Oxford University Press
ISBN-10 ‎ 0199574855
Language: English
Genre: Fiction
Best Sellers Rank: #668,116 in Books
Customer review 4.4/5
Publish Date: 27 September 2011

"Viruses: A Very Short Introduction" by Dorothy H. Crawford is a book that provides an informative overview of viruses, including their biology, history, and impact on human society.

Crawford explains that viruses are tiny, infectious agents that can only reproduce inside host cells. She discusses the structure and genetic makeup of viruses, as well as their ability to mutate and evolve rapidly, making them difficult to control.

The book also covers the history of viruses, from the discovery of the first virus in the late 1800s to the development of modern virology in the 20th century. Crawford highlights some of the major viral diseases that have affected humans throughout history, including smallpox, influenza, and HIV/AIDS.

In addition, Crawford explores the impact of viruses on human society, including the economic and social costs of viral diseases, as well as the development of vaccines and antiviral drugs to prevent and treat viral infections.

Finally, Crawford discusses some of the current challenges and controversies surrounding viruses, such as the use of viruses in bioterrorism, the emergence of new viral diseases, and the debate over the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

Overall, "Viruses: A Very Short Introduction" is a concise and accessible guide to a fascinating and important topic. It is recommended for anyone interested in learning more about viruses and their impact on human health and society.