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Twisted Hate An Enemies with Benefits Romance by Ana Huang Review/Summary

Writer: Ana Huang
Publication Boba Press
ISBN-13 978-1735056685
Language: English
Genre: Romance
Best Sellers Rank: #241,895 in Books
Customer review 4.3/5
Publish Date: 27 January 2022

"Twisted Hate" is a enemies-to-lovers romance novel written by Ana Huang. The story follows the main characters, Avery and Aiden, who have been enemies since childhood due to a tragic incident. They reunite as adults, working together in the same company and continuing to antagonize each other.

However, their relationship takes a turn when they start a no-strings-attached sexual relationship, leading to deeper feelings and complications. As Avery and Aiden navigate their complicated feelings for each other and confront their past, they must decide if they can overcome their history and build a future together.

Overall, "Twisted Hate" explores themes of forgiveness, self-discovery, and the complexity of relationships, all while delivering a steamy enemies-to-lovers romance.