[PDF] Wake Up, Life is Calling by Preeti Shenoy

Wake Up, Life is Calling by Preeti Shenoy in pdf

Wake Up, Life is Calling by Preeti Shenoy

Wake Up, Life is Calling by Preeti Shenoy in pdf Writer: Preeti Shenoy

Size: 1.21 MB

Pages: 243

Language: English

Genre: Fantasy-Fiction,Romance

Format: Pdf

Price: Free

Publish Date: 17 April 2019

What if your biggest foe is your mind? What if your darkest nightmare came true? How might you manage? Ankita has battled a mental illness, gone through hell, and avoided suicide twice. With her devoted parents by her side in Mumbai, everything seemed perfect. She doesn't take any medication. She attends a college she adores and is enrolled in creative writing, her ideal subject. The vivacious Parul and the glitzy Janki are her new acquaintances. She fully immerses herself in everything, including her lessons, her friends, her course, and the carefree joy of college, now that she is finally living a "normal life." However, there is turmoil developing underneath the surface.

She is drawn in by a book she finds in the college library, which then consumes her and plunges her into a frightening abyss that twists and rips her apart. Her situation is made worse when a former boyfriend reappears, greatly upsetting her. She struggles valiantly with every ounce of strength she possesses, armed only with a pen and a notepad. But can she shut her mind off? Will Ankita make it through the situation once more? What surprises will she encounter in life? The compelling follow-up to the enduring best-seller Life is What You Make It by Preeti Shenoy explores the mental fortitude of people and the enormous power of positive thinking. The captivating story explains with gentle wisdom how altering our thinking may alter our lives.

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