[PDF] Viruses a very short introduction by Dorothy H. Crawford

Viruses - Very Short Introduction in pdf

Viruses - Very Short Introduction

Viruses - Very Short Introduction in pdf Writer: Dorothy H. Crawford

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Publish Date: 28 July 2011

Recent years have seen spectacular outbreaks of a number of extremely hazardous viruses, including HIV, Hanta, swine flu, SARS, and Lassa fever. Expert biologist and popular science author Dorothy Crawford provides a fascinating image of these minuscule but frequently extremely hazardous organisms in her Very Short Introduction. Crawford starts by explaining how viruses were originally identified before revealing the complex structures of the tiny parasites, which are by far the most prevalent living things on the world. Crawford examines the danger posed by viral illnesses by relating tales of deadly viruses like Ebola and rabies as well as the lesser-known Nipah and Hendra viruses carried by bats.

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