Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard in pdf

Red Queen

 Red Queen by Victoria  Aveyard in pdf Writer: Victoria Aveyard

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Publish Date: 10 February 2015

The colour of the blood—red or silver—divides this planet. The Silver elite, who control the Reds, are commoners with superhuman abilities akin to those of gods. Mare Barrow, a Red teenager from the impoverished Stilts, is seventeen years old, and she believes that nothing will ever change. Up until the point when she starts working at the Silver Palace. Mare learns that despite having red blood, she wields a lethal power of her own here, surrounded by those she despises the most. one that poses a danger to the power dynamic. The Silvers conceal Mare in plain sight and claim she is a long-lost princess who is now engaged to a Silver prince out of fear for Mare's potential.