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[PDF] The Ninth Circle by Alex Bell

The Ninth Circle by Alex Bell in pdf

The Ninth Circle

 The Ninth Circle by Alex Bell in pdf Writer: Alex Bell

Size: 1.18 MB

Pages: 284

Language: English

Genre: Science Fiction

Format: Pdf

Price: Free

Publish Date: April 2008

In the midst of Budapest, a man awakens on the floor of a run-down flat. His own blood is used to adhere his head to the flooring. The kitchen table is covered with a large amount of cash. Furthermore, he has no notion who or where he is. He has the ability to communicate effectively in a variety of languages, go three days without eating or sleeping, and fight with incredible skill. A accidental encounter with a young scholar results in his first friendship and his first indication that someone else may know more about him than he does, but without a name or a past, he is cut off from the rest of the world and a stranger to everyone, including himself. He is receiving hints regarding his history from someone.


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