[PDF] The Maddest Obsession by Danielle Lori

The Maddest Obsession by Danielle Lori in pdf

The Maddest Obsession

 The Maddest Obsession by Danielle Lori in pdf Writer: Danielle Lori

Size: 1.5 MB

Pages: 309

Language: English

Genre: Fiction,Romance

Format: Pdf

Price: Free

Publish Date: 15 April 2019

The dark scares her. He controls it. She wears too-tight clothes and excessively high heels. She uses the majority of the book's proverbs incorrectly, eats impolitely, and laughs too loudly. Most people are unaware that it is really a glittering mask designed to conceal panic attacks one at a time. Gianna's façade is impenetrable to everyone, or it was until he showed up. Most people imagine a special agent enforcing the law who is a moral exemplar. Others in the New York underworld know him as a hustler and a killer, with a heart of ice for a soul. Christian Allister has always carried out the life plan that he had imagined in his youth, in the cold, wet confines of his cell.

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