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[PDF] The Future Poetry by Sri Aurobindo

The Future Poetry with On Quantitative Metre

The Future Poetry

The Future Poetry with On Quantitative Metre Sri Aurobindo in pdf Writer: Sri Aurobindo

Size: 1.4 MB

Pages: 415

Language: English

Genre: Poetry

Format: Pdf

Price: Free

Publish Date: 2012

In The Future Poetry, Sri Aurobindo examines the evolution of poetry, focusing particularly on English poetry, from the mantric hymns of the Vedic period to the free verse of the modern era. The idea of "a new deeper intuitive poetry" that "speaks of new things and of old things in a new way" is then explored by the author. A altered perspective of the universe would be provided by this new poetry, and it would also "return to us the sense of the Eternal, the presence of the Divine which has been snatched from us for a time by a brain too narrowly and curiously fixed on the exterior and physical world."


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