The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie in pdf

The Art of Public Speaking

 The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie in pdf Writer: Dale Carnegie

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Publish Date: 1915

According to the writers of this important book, the greatest method to develop your public speaking skills is to just do it. Develop your skills through practising. While you're at it, make a favourable assumption. a statement to make Set yourself aside. Conjure up terror. Concentrate on it completely. And last but not least, anticipate success. There is hope for you, they say, even if you think you will fail. Dale Carnegie (1888–1955), a pioneer in the fields of public speaking and personality development, became famous for demonstrating how to succeed to others. More over 10 million copies of his 1936 book How to Win Friends and Influence People have been sold. Additionally, he established the globally distributed Dale Carnegie Institute for Effective Speaking and Human Relations.