Somewhere in Between by Shirl Rickman in pdf

Somewhere in Between

 Somewhere in Between by Shirl Rickman in pdf Writer: Shirl Rickman

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Genre: Fantasy-Fiction

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Publish Date: 27 April 2016

The romantic genre is extinct. Tessa Collins values people much. She adores her family, her career, and most days, her wacky best buddy Chad as well. Tessa is tenacious and self-reliant, but she no longer thinks passionate love is actually possible. True love is for dunces. Lenox Malone is characterised as being closed off and jaded. Lenox loved romance when everyone else thought it had died; he once believed in love; he loved his sweetheart and he loved writing. He was left alone and traumatised by it at that point. He's finally beyond the hurt that love caused in him, and he never wants to take the chance of becoming jaded again.