Somewhere in Between by Samatha Harris in pdf

Somewhere in Between

Somewhere in Between by Samatha Harris in pdf Writer: Samatha Harris

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Pages: 240

Language: English

Genre: Fantasy-Fiction,Romance

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Publish Date: 29 October 2015

Alexandra McCabe is estranged from the outside world as she laments the death of her parents. Drew Collins, the campus playboy, has no interest in Alex because she is content studying and staying to herself. The easygoing charmer, though, is unafraid even of being doused in beer, and despite her better judgement, the couple develops a reluctant bond. Drew is uninterested in college life and intrigued by Alex's rejection of his love advances. Although their friendship benefits them both, Drew is accustomed to getting what he wants and is fed up with superficial sorority girls. Although Alex keeps him firmly in the friend zone despite his growing feelings, he is much more intrigued in the sassy redhead.

A difficult relationship gets deeper as a result of recent tragedies and old heartaches... Alex and Drew are still close friends and have their own customs, no matter what life throws at them. Drew is Alex's family and her pillar, and Alex keeps Drew grounded by constantly pushing him to become a better person. When long-buried emotions suddenly erupt, everything is in danger of changing... When the moment is appropriate, Drew promised his mother he would express his feelings to Alex, but how will he know when that time will be? Alex is afraid to say those "three little words," as she is sure Drew doesn't share her fear, and she fears she will lose the only family she has.Being courageous enough to ask for what you want could make it easier for you to get it. Should Alex and Drew risk having their hearts broken by letting them open? Should they be content with a close connection that lasts a lifetime? Or does finding pleasure require going Somewhere In Between?