100 Ways to Motivate Others by Scott Richardson and Steve Chandler in pdf

100 Ways to Motivate Other

100 Ways to Motivate Other in pdf Writer: Scott Richardson and Steve Chandler

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Pages: 241

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Publish Date: October 2004

Since the publication of 100 Ways to Motivate Others, the leadership landscape has undergone significant change. Chandler and Richardson have updated and improved their organisational classic to reflect these changes.

They have created a crucial, approachable, and motivational manual for managers, professionals, and those hoping to get to their level. The success of numerous live workshops, seminars, and one-on-one coaching sessions on leadership and communication is the foundation for 100 Ways to Motivate Others.

The importance of individual self-leadership and physical energy, as well as innovative new techniques for recruiting clients and closing sales to customers in service-oriented ways that reject the outdated paradigm of manipulation and persuasion, are all part of this new edition's insightful new insights into communication and quick decision-making.