Dark Psychology Secrets The Essential Guide to Persuasion, Emotional Manipulation, Deception. in pdf Dark Psychology: Super ADVANCED Techniques to PERSUADE ANYONE...

Dark Psychology: Super ADVANCED Techniques to PERSUADE ANYONE, Secretly MANIPULATE People and INFLUENCE Their Behaviour Without Them Noticing (Emotional, Body Language, NLP, Psychology Tricks)

 Dark Psychology: Super ADVANCED Techniques to PERSUADE ANYONE... in pdf

Writer: Richard Campbell

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Pages: 116

Language: English

Genre: history

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Publish Date:7 June 2019

Do you typically obtain what you want in debates and negotiations, or does the other person always win, leaving you perplexed as to why you settled for less than you deserved?

All of us make an effort to get what we want from other people, even as little children pleading for comfort or food. However, some kids do not acquire the virtues of conscience, empathy, and selflessness as they improve their persuasion abilities.

If they learn the evil triad of psychology, they can grow up to be predatory adults. They might develop into terrible dictators, serial killers, or the person you're dating.

Dark Psychology gives you the tools you need to spot liars and manipulators before they can affect you. This book can be useful if you want to win more frequently.

Understanding how brainwashing, hypnosis, persuasion, and deception operate will help you defend yourself against those who would use, mistreat, and discard you.

This complete guide will help you win more often in negotiations, whether you're negotiating with your callous boss, your deceptive adolescent, or the narcissist who's ruining your life.